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July 2007

Date: 2007-07-18 21:30
Subject: bloglines
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Woo-hoo for me, I think I've figured out how to use bloglines! I know, I know, slow at some things. The way I figure it, I can read more blogs in less time! (because I'm not checking in every time on the ones I read most often).

SO........ maybe I'll have time for Ravelry? Even just looking at the patterns can suck so much time.

A couple of people told me that their bloglines wasn't picking me up. I contacted the bloglines folks and they said they reset the feed. I have two feeds!?!? Anybody know anything about different feeds? When I added blogs to 'my feeds', I added the feed with the most subscribers if there were multipe feeds. I just added myself to my own list, and I'll see if both feeds pick up the post.

A brave new world, ya know?
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