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New Blog!

I moved! I moved!

Contest! Lots of stuff!

I am here now. So update your blog feeds.

I am so excited! Hope it will be great for me and great for you too.
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Errol Done

he's helping the monkey bread dough to rise

The pattern was quick and easy, but the assembly directions left some things to winging it. One thing I didn't get is that the cast on of the body (the bottom) had fewer stitches (and therefore was smaller) than the cast off (top). I somehow increased too much and my body was 'bigger' than it should've been, but I had the same number of stitches as the pattern in the beginning and end. And the head opening circumference was nearly an inch smaller than the top of the body. I thought of putting it together the other way, but then it looked like a penguin (widest at their butts) versus an owl (widest at their shoulders). And, you make this small, more or less rectangular piece called the 'base'. It ends up being a good bit wider and longer than the opening at the bottom. The instructions were unclear about how/where to sew it on, and the pictures weren't all that helpful, so I put it on the inside, then stitched over it again on the outside. The bottom looked a bit like a stoma, but his legs covered that up!

the back of his neck is a bit wonky too

but the kiddo likes him!

The monkey bread... Mom brought this for me (the mix and the mold). The kid has been after me for a couple weeks, 'when are you going to make the monkey bread?'. It's a time-consuming proposition, kneading, rising, making the little balls, rising, baking.

the dough was so sticky I had to knead it in my hands!

I forgot to take a picture of it when it came out of the mold. It looked much like a gooey volcano with caramel sugar sauce oozing all over like lava. And what did kiddo say? 'I like the bread part, but it's too sweet'!!! He's a sweet fiend, so I was a little surprised! I think it would be better if it was made from scratch, with just sugar and cinnamon in the glaze (who knows what is really in those packets).

And exciting news... I have my own domain! I'm still setting it up, but have managed to import all of my livejournal posts. I didn't get the comments. Found instructions somewhere, but it was a whole page of code, and I just couldn't read it all. I'm thinking by the weekend it will be up and going...will keep you posted. I'm sure I'll have a contest to celebrate.
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orange FO and Errol

Charmed Knits came, and before I could look through it all, the kid wanted it! He wants Errol! (that link is to an Errol KAL! Here is the general Charmed Knits KAL...who knew?) I'd finished the Orange Object, so Errol seemed like a good stashbuster.

Yes, we got our book. This morning. The kid was on page 26 before we got home (the store is about 5 minutes away!).

This book was sitting on the table, next to Sea of Monsters (go look at the cover) and I thought, wow, I really like the orangy brown colors in those covers!

So, yes, I have a thing about orange. And an orange thing.

I'd been thinking for maybe two years that I want to make a scarf like the greenish one I wear on my head, but in these two orangy yarns. One is Rotunda Print color 195, the other is Mosaic FX in sunset boulevard. I increased a stitch at both ends of each row, until I got 104, then decreased back to 1 (like a plain washcloth), did it on #15's, so it was quick. I was a little surprised at how much shorter the triangles were versus when you increase on only one side (like mom's shawl). What intrigued me was how fluid it was when it was done. Hold one corner and it falls like a square, more or less,

And hold another corner and it suddenly becomes very long and rectangular,

and hold it in between and move it back and forth and it's like a slinky!

OK, so in my own defense about that get up (modeling Mom's shawl)... I did wear the head scarf and green shirt during the day, but when I came home I took off my pants and grabbed the nearest shorts (you can tell I am a true fashionista and that my wardrobe choices take much deliberation). I call those shorts my 'Bedrock shorts'.

shorts! as pants they would be quite frightening!

Did you see that shirt? I think it's from the 1970's. In the 80's I altered the collar so it's no longer long and pointy. I like the fabric, I think it is really batik dyed.
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Woo-hoo for me, I think I've figured out how to use bloglines! I know, I know, slow at some things. The way I figure it, I can read more blogs in less time! (because I'm not checking in every time on the ones I read most often).

SO........ maybe I'll have time for Ravelry? Even just looking at the patterns can suck so much time.

A couple of people told me that their bloglines wasn't picking me up. I contacted the bloglines folks and they said they reset the feed. I have two feeds!?!? Anybody know anything about different feeds? When I added blogs to 'my feeds', I added the feed with the most subscribers if there were multipe feeds. I just added myself to my own list, and I'll see if both feeds pick up the post.

A brave new world, ya know?
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Mom's shawl

When Mom was here, she saw something on my bureau, and ooh'd and ah'd. Remember she wanted a ribbon sweater? (I just spent 10 minutes looking for that post with the swatch....) Anyhow, she sent some Zen Colors for the Lucy Lu sweater. But when she saw this other thing, she recognized it as the yarn she had wanted to find. It was something I did in Mosaic in the Breakfast at Tiffany's color (but I think of it as the ocean color).

it is a triangular shawl/scarf that I usually wear on my head!

So, I had to go out and get some more to make her a shawl.

I think I used the colors 'Charade', 'Far from Heaven', and 'Funny Face' (I don't have the labels anymore). It's basically like a corner to corner washcloth, start with one stitch, K front/back/front for 3, then for the rest of the rows K1, K front and back, K across. Until you have 104 stitches. I used #15 needles. Since I was mixing up the skeins, I knit across in one color, then slid it all back and knit in the second, then slid it all back and knit in the third. It made little bunchy ripples that I think are rather interesting. I also knit the last 6 rows or so in a coordinating color of Quest. All were on sale (LYS in Hallowell is having sale until end of July!!).

What astounds me is that I sent it (from ME) on Saturday (to FL)! But the package I sent a week ago to PA? Hasn't gotten there yet...

Do you think I have a modeling career in my future??

yabba dabba doo! i am a fashion criminal in this get up!
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helmet liner

Ruth is collecting helmet liners and is having a contest with some lovely prizes! I did one this weekend, it knit up pretty quickly. In Lamb's Pride Superwash, the red sable color, which appears to be discontinued.

is it a mushroom? a muppet?

I more or less followed the pattern, but cast on 4 extra stitches since I was using 7's (my addi's!-have I said how much I love them?). I also knit an extra inch on the ribbed portion. I think another inch more would be better. I knit off the same number for the hat portion. Here it is without the face ribbing, but under a helmet!

if you want to know why this young man owns a helmet, check out his blog, he is a very infrequent blogger however!

The hat portion was going to be too long with an additional inch of ribbing, so I took it out and decreased the top more quickly. Seems ok,

There has been some other knitting going on around here, I'll be able to put up pics probably mid-week.

Some of the weeds in my yard,

but aren't they attractive?
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pottermania and the smallest boat in the state fleet

DS and I just got back from the movie. No spoilers here...we loved it! I re-read the book last week, so of course the movie is different in many respects. And I was disappointed (even if in a small way) that certain scenes that I had wanted to see in technicolor glory on the big screen weren't there. We liked Luna, and I liked Dolores Umbridge's sweet evilness and Bellatrix's insane evilness! The kid said it was the best movie he's ever seen. He said that about Pirates 3 too! And these aren't spoilers, but keep your eye out for the following knit/crochet items...Luna's light purple shortie sweater. It was crocheted, but it was very cute. I especially liked the way the short sleeves flared out. Xmas was a blur, but it looked like some interesting Mrs. Weasley items were passed around...will have to wait until DVD to get a better look! And toward the end is a patchwork (mitered squares?) knit blanket folded on a bed...

I'd ordered Charmed Knits (I know it's an Amazon link, but they let you look inside...) so I could end my Crafters Choice membership. But I got a postcard today, they don't have it. BUMMER.

So here it is,

Steve said it is the smallest in the state's fleet! Oh, and it cost more than my house!

Belongs to Maine Geological Survey (we are part of the same bureau, and share the building). If I remember the low-down right, it is one of only 6 or 8 in the country (maybe the world????) like this. Decked out with a bunch of computer equipment inside the front hatch. The one that came off the assembly line before this one went to the British Navy! Ours radios info about water depths and currents and such back to some computer, but the British Navy one runs silent. The guys working on this admitted that even though the equipment wasn't working (they were fixing it), it sure beat sitting at your desk. They get to go out on it tomorrow. Ah, the life of a coastal marine geologist!
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hammering away

I haven't done much knitting this week. Had a great visit with my mom. Friends came over for a party the evening of the 4th. Here's what they say about mom: She looks great! She's so young/youthful. She's so funny/fun. She's a little wild (followed by now we know where you got it from). And she's so short! (I'm on the tall side). The kid taught her to play poker! And played a competitive game of Scrabble with us.

So here's what I've been hammering away on,

copper flashing from an old roof

I liked the color on this piece, but

just a bit of hammering and it popped through

The nice thing about copper sheeting? You whack it with a hammer (I use a ball peen) and the metal stretches. But I found that it works best if you hammer it over an opening versus over an object like a bowl.

A few years ago I made a few of these,

for bird food, water, candles...whatever!

A friend, who is getting married this afternoon, asked me back then when I'd make one for her. Here it is,

Improvements over the old one: deeper tray, more beads. What I wish I'd remembered: more flexible wire.

The old version

does not have many beads and the depression in the tray is smaller

and not very deep

The new version

has a bunch of beads and the depression in the tray is overall bigger

and deeper, and i couldn't help but put these coppery green shells on, and the wedding date

The top is better on the new one too

70 cent washer!

But the wires are not as good or as long. I may restring it for them. There was some construction frustration in getting the tray to lay flat and getting all the wires to stay put so I could wrap them...ended up snipping off about a foot because they got too bent to work with. In the old ones I put the sheet on a cinder block and hammered the depression over the opening in the block. For the new one I made a wooden platform as wide as the sheet. I used 2x3's on their sides. I also sanded it lightly with 220 grit to bring up some shine (very bad in the antique world!).

Here's progress on the Rib and Cable socks (by Nancy Bush, from the Fall 2005 Interweave)

I made the top ribbing shorter, and didn't pay super close attention to the number of rows between doing the cable row (if you look, you'll see one place that stands out a bit). The heel was interesting,

it's on my hand because this is a skinny sock and I couldn't get it on!

Maybe when it's further along it will go on. If not, I'll make them smaller for somebody with smaller/thinner feet. Like maybe a niece.


It's still morning here, the kid came by with a card, but told me I had to get back in bed before he'd give it to me. He asked that I read it aloud. Here's what it said:

I was going to buy a card
with hearts of pink and red,
but then I thought I'd rather
spend the money on me instead.

It's awfully hard to buy things
when one has no allowance at all (this followed by some loud 'ahem'ing by said kid)
so I guess you're pretty lucky you
got anything, even small.

Happy Saturday to you,
there I said it now I'm done
So how 'bout getting out of bed
and cooking breakfast for your son?

He took a lesson from his Calvin and Hobbes book I see! All he wanted was a bagel so that was easy (he doesn't like handling the cream cheese...).
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gardening and cackling

First the mom arrived late this afternoon. She is right now playing cards with ds, blackjack, and now spit (which is causing all the cackling). He usually wins, but this afternoon I think she did!

So this weekend I did a lot of digging.

I rescued two types of unusual hosta from the backyard because this is happening

dogs! they compact the clayey soil and tromp the plants

When I replanted them I found the cow.

Out front,

my weedbeds

We removed the yew from the left side (somewhat shadier) a few years back. The yew and cedar from the right were gone by the time we moved in. I saw an old pic, they covered the windows on the first and the second floors!

So I went off to Alden Longfellows greenhouse.

isn't the purple and orange so pretty?

After the greenhouses, my yard looks rather dull!


There are two types of annuals, cleome, single zinnia, also bee balm and this type of Polemonium. I left the volunteer black eyed susan. These are weedy here, but they are also for sale at the nurseries!

On the other side in back of the purple coneflower, I put yellow rocket and leftover cleome and zinnia. I also left the volunteer rough-stemmed goldenrod. It's a weed, but attractive.

I did not tackle the front bank.

loaded with invasive goutweed

But two weeks ago? It was lovely, full of siberian iris and lupine, which some folks consider invasive. My yard is a case study!

On the side bank we have Rosa rugosa, another one that is considered invasive by some. I hacked out a bunch of stems that were near the driveway, and what did I see over the weekend? An army of them!

this side bank is more or less under better control
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I just heard this one the other day, stash enhancement expedition. I inadvertently had me some today. DH and I went to pick up ds who had slept over at a friend's house. I saw in the distance, bins in a driveway! Remember this? So we had to go look. ALL the yarn was $1 this time around. So I quickly grabbed up 20 skeins that I know will be put to good use. Then, I had to go back! I mean, wouldn't you? And dh, he said, at $1, he thought it was a great deal.

not more yarn? I don't see more yarn?

i see saucy market bags, fixation socks, at least two cotton fleece sweaters, not sure about the plymouth cairo, maybe a couple of bags or kid hats?

it's all wool, and except for the burgundy boucle, it's all superwash

Nature wool burgundy boucle from Cleckheaton, an adult sweater? Bright blue Knitaly, a kid's sweater? Bulky navy from lane cervinia called either tollegno or carezza with 180 m, scarf and hat for a conservative nephew at college in a cold place. Phildar superwash lenox 083, the navy may match what I got last time, so definitely enough for ds sweater, or...another kid sweater! I couldn't find prices quickly for the boucle, 083, or cairo, but if they are $5, $5, and $4, then all told, this haul is worth about $330! (not that I'd spend full price on most of this stuff...but how can a person pass it by???)

these were freebies, 35 mm and 50 mm

I balled up the yarn the mouse nibbled on. It was not bad!

One of those strands held the skein, so only lost a few inches. I used those inches in a project (more in a sec), and in mouse traps. A friend told me the very best mouse trap bait she knew of was yarn rubbed in bacon grease. Hasn't caught any yet though.

This is a project still in its development phase. I was inspired by the cashmere cat ball toys I saw at the fiber frolic. I have been collecting this,

mostly zuzu, but a bit of gracie

A prototype out for testing, dog fur dipped in catnip tea, with catnip inside, rolled up until it felted,

they look pretty disgusting! they are at the girls' brother Sid's house, a cat lives there too

nervous...makin' me nervous...

I had intended to post about all the digging and planting I did yesterday. It'll have to wait because there are already a lot of pictures here, but, I found a cow!

toy, we live in an old house

hangin' out with the irish setter we found a couple of years ago, and the last of the peonies

Happy Canada Day!