July 1st, 2007

two headed dog


I just heard this one the other day, stash enhancement expedition. I inadvertently had me some today. DH and I went to pick up ds who had slept over at a friend's house. I saw in the distance, bins in a driveway! Remember this? So we had to go look. ALL the yarn was $1 this time around. So I quickly grabbed up 20 skeins that I know will be put to good use. Then, I had to go back! I mean, wouldn't you? And dh, he said, at $1, he thought it was a great deal.

not more yarn? I don't see more yarn?

i see saucy market bags, fixation socks, at least two cotton fleece sweaters, not sure about the plymouth cairo, maybe a couple of bags or kid hats?

it's all wool, and except for the burgundy boucle, it's all superwash

Nature wool burgundy boucle from Cleckheaton, an adult sweater? Bright blue Knitaly, a kid's sweater? Bulky navy from lane cervinia called either tollegno or carezza with 180 m, scarf and hat for a conservative nephew at college in a cold place. Phildar superwash lenox 083, the navy may match what I got last time, so definitely enough for ds sweater, or...another kid sweater! I couldn't find prices quickly for the boucle, 083, or cairo, but if they are $5, $5, and $4, then all told, this haul is worth about $330! (not that I'd spend full price on most of this stuff...but how can a person pass it by???)

these were freebies, 35 mm and 50 mm

I balled up the yarn the mouse nibbled on. It was not bad!

One of those strands held the skein, so only lost a few inches. I used those inches in a project (more in a sec), and in mouse traps. A friend told me the very best mouse trap bait she knew of was yarn rubbed in bacon grease. Hasn't caught any yet though.

This is a project still in its development phase. I was inspired by the cashmere cat ball toys I saw at the fiber frolic. I have been collecting this,

mostly zuzu, but a bit of gracie

A prototype out for testing, dog fur dipped in catnip tea, with catnip inside, rolled up until it felted,

they look pretty disgusting! they are at the girls' brother Sid's house, a cat lives there too

nervous...makin' me nervous...

I had intended to post about all the digging and planting I did yesterday. It'll have to wait because there are already a lot of pictures here, but, I found a cow!

toy, we live in an old house

hangin' out with the irish setter we found a couple of years ago, and the last of the peonies

Happy Canada Day!