July 7th, 2007

two headed dog

hammering away

I haven't done much knitting this week. Had a great visit with my mom. Friends came over for a party the evening of the 4th. Here's what they say about mom: She looks great! She's so young/youthful. She's so funny/fun. She's a little wild (followed by now we know where you got it from). And she's so short! (I'm on the tall side). The kid taught her to play poker! And played a competitive game of Scrabble with us.

So here's what I've been hammering away on,

copper flashing from an old roof

I liked the color on this piece, but

just a bit of hammering and it popped through

The nice thing about copper sheeting? You whack it with a hammer (I use a ball peen) and the metal stretches. But I found that it works best if you hammer it over an opening versus over an object like a bowl.

A few years ago I made a few of these,

for bird food, water, candles...whatever!

A friend, who is getting married this afternoon, asked me back then when I'd make one for her. Here it is,

Improvements over the old one: deeper tray, more beads. What I wish I'd remembered: more flexible wire.

The old version

does not have many beads and the depression in the tray is smaller

and not very deep

The new version

has a bunch of beads and the depression in the tray is overall bigger

and deeper, and i couldn't help but put these coppery green shells on, and the wedding date

The top is better on the new one too

70 cent washer!

But the wires are not as good or as long. I may restring it for them. There was some construction frustration in getting the tray to lay flat and getting all the wires to stay put so I could wrap them...ended up snipping off about a foot because they got too bent to work with. In the old ones I put the sheet on a cinder block and hammered the depression over the opening in the block. For the new one I made a wooden platform as wide as the sheet. I used 2x3's on their sides. I also sanded it lightly with 220 grit to bring up some shine (very bad in the antique world!).

Here's progress on the Rib and Cable socks (by Nancy Bush, from the Fall 2005 Interweave)

I made the top ribbing shorter, and didn't pay super close attention to the number of rows between doing the cable row (if you look, you'll see one place that stands out a bit). The heel was interesting,

it's on my hand because this is a skinny sock and I couldn't get it on!

Maybe when it's further along it will go on. If not, I'll make them smaller for somebody with smaller/thinner feet. Like maybe a niece.


It's still morning here, the kid came by with a card, but told me I had to get back in bed before he'd give it to me. He asked that I read it aloud. Here's what it said:

I was going to buy a card
with hearts of pink and red,
but then I thought I'd rather
spend the money on me instead.

It's awfully hard to buy things
when one has no allowance at all (this followed by some loud 'ahem'ing by said kid)
so I guess you're pretty lucky you
got anything, even small.

Happy Saturday to you,
there I said it now I'm done
So how 'bout getting out of bed
and cooking breakfast for your son?

He took a lesson from his Calvin and Hobbes book I see! All he wanted was a bagel so that was easy (he doesn't like handling the cream cheese...).