July 11th, 2007

two headed dog

pottermania and the smallest boat in the state fleet

DS and I just got back from the movie. No spoilers here...we loved it! I re-read the book last week, so of course the movie is different in many respects. And I was disappointed (even if in a small way) that certain scenes that I had wanted to see in technicolor glory on the big screen weren't there. We liked Luna, and I liked Dolores Umbridge's sweet evilness and Bellatrix's insane evilness! The kid said it was the best movie he's ever seen. He said that about Pirates 3 too! And these aren't spoilers, but keep your eye out for the following knit/crochet items...Luna's light purple shortie sweater. It was crocheted, but it was very cute. I especially liked the way the short sleeves flared out. Xmas was a blur, but it looked like some interesting Mrs. Weasley items were passed around...will have to wait until DVD to get a better look! And toward the end is a patchwork (mitered squares?) knit blanket folded on a bed...

I'd ordered Charmed Knits (I know it's an Amazon link, but they let you look inside...) so I could end my Crafters Choice membership. But I got a postcard today, they don't have it. BUMMER.

So here it is,

Steve said it is the smallest in the state's fleet! Oh, and it cost more than my house!

Belongs to Maine Geological Survey (we are part of the same bureau, and share the building). If I remember the low-down right, it is one of only 6 or 8 in the country (maybe the world????) like this. Decked out with a bunch of computer equipment inside the front hatch. The one that came off the assembly line before this one went to the British Navy! Ours radios info about water depths and currents and such back to some computer, but the British Navy one runs silent. The guys working on this admitted that even though the equipment wasn't working (they were fixing it), it sure beat sitting at your desk. They get to go out on it tomorrow. Ah, the life of a coastal marine geologist!