July 15th, 2007

two headed dog

helmet liner

Ruth is collecting helmet liners and is having a contest with some lovely prizes! I did one this weekend, it knit up pretty quickly. In Lamb's Pride Superwash, the red sable color, which appears to be discontinued.

is it a mushroom? a muppet?

I more or less followed the pattern, but cast on 4 extra stitches since I was using 7's (my addi's!-have I said how much I love them?). I also knit an extra inch on the ribbed portion. I think another inch more would be better. I knit off the same number for the hat portion. Here it is without the face ribbing, but under a helmet!

if you want to know why this young man owns a helmet, check out his blog, he is a very infrequent blogger however!

The hat portion was going to be too long with an additional inch of ribbing, so I took it out and decreased the top more quickly. Seems ok,

There has been some other knitting going on around here, I'll be able to put up pics probably mid-week.

Some of the weeds in my yard,

but aren't they attractive?