July 16th, 2007

two headed dog

Mom's shawl

When Mom was here, she saw something on my bureau, and ooh'd and ah'd. Remember she wanted a ribbon sweater? (I just spent 10 minutes looking for that post with the swatch....) Anyhow, she sent some Zen Colors for the Lucy Lu sweater. But when she saw this other thing, she recognized it as the yarn she had wanted to find. It was something I did in Mosaic in the Breakfast at Tiffany's color (but I think of it as the ocean color).

it is a triangular shawl/scarf that I usually wear on my head!

So, I had to go out and get some more to make her a shawl.

I think I used the colors 'Charade', 'Far from Heaven', and 'Funny Face' (I don't have the labels anymore). It's basically like a corner to corner washcloth, start with one stitch, K front/back/front for 3, then for the rest of the rows K1, K front and back, K across. Until you have 104 stitches. I used #15 needles. Since I was mixing up the skeins, I knit across in one color, then slid it all back and knit in the second, then slid it all back and knit in the third. It made little bunchy ripples that I think are rather interesting. I also knit the last 6 rows or so in a coordinating color of Quest. All were on sale (LYS in Hallowell is having sale until end of July!!).

What astounds me is that I sent it (from ME) on Saturday (to FL)! But the package I sent a week ago to PA? Hasn't gotten there yet...

Do you think I have a modeling career in my future??

yabba dabba doo! i am a fashion criminal in this get up!