knitnzu (knitnzu) wrote,

It could have been worse

This morning, while I was carrying the heaviest down coats up into the attic, I smelled it. The unmistakable, sweet, sickly smell of death. I had a sinking feeling. Was that smell concentrated at the base of the attic stairs where my yarn stash is? I continued up into the attic. No smell.

(I have been doing minor battle with mice. I was tired of them in the pantry. I'd trapped out a female that looked like she was nursing. A smallish mouse the next day. None since, but only a few traps are still set.)

I noticed its source on the way down the stairs. Zuzu was staring at it. Small dead mouse. Thankfully I stepped over it on my way up. I took care of the immediate need. And had horrible visions of what may have occurred in the fiber. So then what?

went kayaking! At Jamie's Pond aka Jimmy Pond in Hallowell, it's close so we got a quick paddle in

Nymphaea odorata, great name, eh?

Well, then it was time to look in here

No problems in the cotton drawer, no problems in the acrylic blends/novelty drawer, no problems in the bags where there should be a drawer, no problems in the drawer that has extra socks and odd items, no problems in the bags of yarn on the shelves, no problems in the couple of loose skeins on the shelf. Then. I. Saw. It. One turd, on this,

This came out of the drawer that sat on top of the bureau because the slider is broken. So all the yarn in that drawer (wool) was super checked. Thankfully no more had any mouse droppings. None of it smelled like the latrine was in there. But, then,

Friendz Blendz that looks like it was being sampled for nesting material, see the fluff on the right?

I'm hoping that when I ball that up, not too much is ruined. Thankfully the sock yarn and the newest yarn was all wasn't in the attic stairway.

I figured since I was in there, I'd take pictures of stash to put on Ravelry. Not sure if that will actually happen, but I have the pics! When I put it back, I put the wool drawer in the bureau, even though it doesn't slide in quite right. Now I have to remember to set out the traps.

Some of what is in the sock drawer is stuff that I can't part with, that has been darned and darned again, such as

from Latvia!


also from Latvia!

I figured one day I'd figure out a way to reknit the worn portions. Or, maybe make small purses out of the tops. At the very least use them for inspiration to make some!

Death not only has a smell, it leaves a mark! And it took off some polyurethane!
even after vinegar, and then bleach, and then vinegar

Poor critter! I wouldn't mind having them in the house if they didn't poop and pee all over stuff as they roamed about and didn't keep the latrine under the kitchen sink where I can readily smell it. Oh yeah, and didn't chew up fibery stuff.

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