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gardening and cackling

First the mom arrived late this afternoon. She is right now playing cards with ds, blackjack, and now spit (which is causing all the cackling). He usually wins, but this afternoon I think she did!

So this weekend I did a lot of digging.

I rescued two types of unusual hosta from the backyard because this is happening

dogs! they compact the clayey soil and tromp the plants

When I replanted them I found the cow.

Out front,

my weedbeds

We removed the yew from the left side (somewhat shadier) a few years back. The yew and cedar from the right were gone by the time we moved in. I saw an old pic, they covered the windows on the first and the second floors!

So I went off to Alden Longfellows greenhouse.

isn't the purple and orange so pretty?

After the greenhouses, my yard looks rather dull!


There are two types of annuals, cleome, single zinnia, also bee balm and this type of Polemonium. I left the volunteer black eyed susan. These are weedy here, but they are also for sale at the nurseries!

On the other side in back of the purple coneflower, I put yellow rocket and leftover cleome and zinnia. I also left the volunteer rough-stemmed goldenrod. It's a weed, but attractive.

I did not tackle the front bank.

loaded with invasive goutweed

But two weeks ago? It was lovely, full of siberian iris and lupine, which some folks consider invasive. My yard is a case study!

On the side bank we have Rosa rugosa, another one that is considered invasive by some. I hacked out a bunch of stems that were near the driveway, and what did I see over the weekend? An army of them!

this side bank is more or less under better control

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